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Provision of Home to School Transport (Bus) to Trinity CE Primary School

We the undersigned petition the council to reconsider the policy decision of not providing free home to school transport to children attending Trinity Primary School, in particular children from Islip and Sudborough.

Trinity CE Primary School has 153 children on roll currently, with capacity for 210. The school is popular across the locality, has a recent ‘good’ Ofsted rating and was in the top 4% in the country for our phonics results. The school relies upon children from the villages within our cluster choosing to attend our school to maintain pupil numbers and survive financially. At present, 26 children from Islip and Sudborough have a school bus pass that allows them to use free school travel to attend here. This is the equivalent of one whole class in our small rural school, of which the impact would be devastating.

Under the new policy arrangements, children from these villages who join our school would not be entitled to free home to transport as other primary schools are closer. It is extremely likely that due to the new policy, our intake from these villages will drop and this will, in turn, have a detrimental effect on the school’s number on roll and its finances.

The lack of funded school transport does also raise a significant problem with further traffic and congestion in Aldwincle as families from Islip and Sudborough may choose to drive their children to school, and those who cannot afford the fees or do not have access to their own transport would not be able to exercise parental choice. We have a duty of care to the surrounding environment in the smaller villages and, as Aldwincle does not benefit from a regular bus service, there would be no alternative for parents but to use their cars to travel to school.

Trinity CE Primary originally formed due to an amalgamation between Islip School and Aldwincle School in order to provide a school for children from both villages with an agreement that children from Islip would provide school transport to Trinity CE Primary. In more recent years it has adapted from being a lower school, to taking a full primary intake to year 6, as well becoming an academy. Throughout this time, it has served its local community as a source of great education, as well as forming a beating heart at the centre of this village. We are most concerned that the policy change could represent the most significant threat the school has faced.

We feel that the current and future children and families of this school, particularly those in Islip and Sudborough are being disproportionately impacted by the change in policy and should continue to receive free home to school transport to Trinity CE Primary School.

This ePetition runs from 22/03/2024 to 29/04/2024.

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