Issue - decisions

Budget Forecast Update 2023-24 - Period 6

16/11/2023 - Budget Forecast Update 2023-24 - Period 6





That the Executive:


a)    Noted the Council’s forecast outturn position for 2023/24 as summarised in Section 4, alongside the further analysis, risks and other considerations as set out in Section 5 to Section 7 of the report.


b)    Noted the assessment of the current deliverability of the 2023/24 savings proposals in Appendix A to the report.



Reason for Recommendations – to note the forecast financial position for 2023/24 as at Period 6 and consider the impact on this year and future years budgets.


Alternative Options Considered: The report focuses on the forecast revenue outturn against budget for 2023/24 and makes recommendations for the Executive to note the current budgetary position as such there are no specific choices within the report.