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EAP Active Communities - Friday 3rd February, 2023 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, The Cube, George St, Corby NN17 1QG

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None on this occasion.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Russell Roberts, Chris Smith-Haynes, John McGhee, Geoff Shacklock and Ken Harrington.


Minutes of the meeting held on 9th December 2022 pdf icon PDF 144 KB


The minutes of the EAP meeting held on 9th December 2022 had been circulated.

RESOLVED that: -
The minutes of 9th December 2022 be brought back for approval at the meeting ofthe Panel on 17th March 2023.

Chair updated on Actions proposed at the meeting on 9th December 2022:


·        Ward Members had been made aware of future dates/venues for Forum meetings with respect to their areas.

·        LAP Insight profiles for all areas had been shared with all EAP members.

·        Development of a strategy to interact with young people via formal and informalsettings would be progressed.

·        Future meetings of the EAP to receive updates on performance monitoringindicators and outcomes would form part of the Development Work.Councillor Marks advised that Kettering Urban had set its priorities and they are MentalHealth and Drug Addiction as it was believed there was a link between the two.


Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 78 KB


Terms of Reference had been provided for the Panel to discuss, comments andfeedbackwere requested by the Chair. The Executive Director of Adults, Health
Partnerships and Housing advised that it did set out the approaches to be used for policy areas however, it does not refer to National Policy and reference to this should be included, it should not be limited to Service and Corporate Plans locally.


The  Chair advised that there were changes coming to the Health and Social Care Act whichwould have to be taken into consideration. Councillor Howell agreed the Forward Plan needed to be included as the EAP wasmore a look at Policy and moving forward, rather than look at reports that were goingforward the EAP should be guiding what goes into those papers.

The Executive Director of Adults, Health Partnerships and Housing provided some prompts to be considered and were the Members clear on the scope of the EAP and were thereany areas of cross over with EAPs which required more clarity.


It was clear that the EAP would provide policy advice but what would happen to thatadvice, where would it go and how would it be responded to. It was suggested bringingthe Terms of Reference back to the first two meetings.

It was suggested that additional substitutes would be a useful addition, to be discussed with the Leader.


ACTION: ToR to be brought back to next two meetings and put on the end of the Agenda to review.


ACTION: If something is discussed that could be relevant to other EAPs they shouldbe informed and maybe get feedback as required.


Setting up EAP Active Communities


The Executive Director of Adults, Health Partnerships and Housing had produced slidesfor the Panel explaining the evolution of the advisory panels and Scrutiny with a reviewbeing undertaken resulting in some additional Scrutiny Committees being created, thishad resulted in a change to the cycle of EAPs, reducing them down to 6 per year.EAPs would now concentrate on policy/strategy allowing members who were non-Executive to have input.

It was felt that the Panel should be an open discussion panel but would need somesuggestions to start the conversation, inform a starting point, officers would take thisforward and append to reports for Executive.

Perhaps it should be background, context and discussion points, it could be muchmore wide ranging and provide factual context. Councillor Howell explained that in herarea there were already strategies being worked through and online consultations,there was a large group of people to consult with including stakeholders and the public.


The Interim Director of Public Health suggested there should be cross referencing,phasing and an Options Appraisal. It was important to frame the Leisure Strategy which had been mentioned to get people more active more often, walking and cycling to work for instance. The  Chair advised that Phasing could slow the process down, shewas keen to produce recommendations. Once work complete report back and allowpeople to see the value of their input, before going to Executive, it was important toknow the value of input.

Councillor Howell suggested that what came out of consultations was invaluable andshould bepromoted as widelyas possible,it was necessary to be aware ofGovernment policy and the scope that had been set.

If there are external consultants, we could invite them to the EAP to present what ourstrategy might look like and engage with local people about both the well known and less well known attractions.


We want to be involved from the start of a strategy and be a fundamental part of thatprocess which would then be consulted on. We should then receive feedback on thestrategy before it goes any further. Chair asked that an Annual Review be carried outto measure the impact of feedback from non-Executive members and others.


Shirley – Perhaps rather than item 14 saying Agenda and Reports perhaps it should say Agenda and papers, Officers suggested this should not be a talking shop and rather than minutes probably have notes of the conversation and what is required ofofficers to take things forward. Field trips to sites would probably on occasion beuseful.


Executive Forward Plan


Budget papers.


Forward List of Items for the EAP


Forward Plan for future business of Active Communities is not yet populated.


Close of Meeting


Meeting closed at 11:21am.